Training with Fedor Tarabukin

Back in mid-December 2016, I returned to St. Petersburg for a 3-week break. I went back for two main reasons: to revisit the lovely city where I lived for over a year and catch up with some of my friends there, and to attend Russian classes at a language school in the hope of giving my command of Russian a kick-start.

However, I also had a third aim: to catch up with Fedor Tarabukin, of the Siberian Cossack Systema group.

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RCM: zombies on the horizon. Strategy vs tactics.

Two weeks after the UK voted to leave the European Union, I’m sitting in a hotel room in Wuhan, sipping green tea, and mulling things over. Does this have anything to do with Russian Martial Arts? I think it does, and specifically with Andrey Karimov’s Siberian Cossack Systema, and some of the reports that I’ve seen coming out from the seminar in May. And zombies, of course.

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White Russians in China

I recently bought and downloaded one of Andrey Karimov’s videos via Olivia Overturf’s Cowboys and Cossacks site: Australian Cossack with Vitaly Patrin. As Olivia says in the video description, it’s “Great for the Cossack or Russian history aficionado” – amongst whom I count myself. Being very dialogue-heavy, it’s not something that most people would need to rush to buy. Still, it’s connected to a part of Russian history that’s still little-known, which is the experience of the White Russians who fled to China during and after the Russian Civil War.

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