Санкт-Петербург, я иду!

St Petersburg Canals

Saint Petersburg, here I come…

In less than two months, I’ll be in Russia. It’s all happened very quickly, and there’s a great deal to sort out in very little time!

Yesterday I went to the doctor and was vaccinated against Hepatatis A and typhoid, both of which are recommended by the NHS travel advisories. This morning I went back for my HIV test – not that I have any reason at all to suspect I might be infected, but because it’s a requirement for a work visa! As it’s not a clinical purpose, I’ll have to pay for it; the nurse couldn’t remember how much, but they’ll tell me when I come back to pick up the results – probably about £30, she thought. I’m not sure when that will be – next week, I suppose.

This is all pretty normal – it was the same for my work permits in China and Singapore, and I also had to get chest x-rays for those! The Russians aren’t asking for that, which I suppose is a good thing – although, the reasons the Chinese and Singaporeans required it is that they’ve pretty much eliminated tuberculosis as a public health risk, and they don’t want it reintroduced. In Russia, however, TB is still widespread, I believe…

Anyway, this means I’m blogging again. It’s been a while!

Image credit: St Petersburg Canals by Andos_pics, on Flickr

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