Back to the Cossack shop

I wrote a while ago about my visit to two Cossack shops. One, Don Ivanovich, has subsequently disappeared, and the owner hasn’t responded to an email I sent him.

I went back to the other shop, Avers, a few days ago. I remembered that they had a cap not unlike the one worn by Corto Maltese, a white nautical cap, although this one had a skull and crossbones emblem. I though it was from the White Army’s Kornilov Shock Division, whose arm patch I’ve previously bought there. However, the women in the shop told me no, it was from something else, though I didn’t catch what. Anyway, I tried it on; it was too small, and they didn’t have another one, so so much for that.

I mooched around, and took a few photos. In the end, I bought a belt attachment for carrying a shashka, and a book of Kuban cossack folk songs. I can’t read the book, but it struck me as the sort of thing you’d better buy when you see it, because you might never see it again. I also picked up a couple of free news quarterlies from one of the Cossack organisations.


I’ll go back again after I’ve been paid to pick up a shoulder strap for carrying a shashka. When I first went, I was sceptical about the quality of the shashkas they were selling but, after looking at one more closely, I realise that they’re pretty good. I’d love to buy one, but it’s illegal to import them into the UK – a ridiculous rule, because they’re available to buy in the UK despite that also being technically illegal. A stupid law, made by stupid politicians 😦


Anyway, there’s a good chance that my disposable income will go up a bit in the next couple of months – in which case, I intend to treat myself to a cherkeska!



A few more shots of the shop:






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