May 2016: Instructor training course with Andrey Karimov in Russia

This post is not original content, and I’ll add to it as more information becomes available. The main source is on Facebook, and I’ll just be reposting to gather all the information in one place here.

Essentially, though: the entire month of May will see an intensive instructors’ course in all aspects of Andrey Karimov’s Siberian Cossack Systema, to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia. I hope to be there….

Update: 25 February
I’ve been a bit slow to add it, but this was added to the official page late in February. Rather than copy the whole lot, I’ll just embed it.

Course Details


The instructor’s seminar starts 2 of may and will last up to 22 of may. 1 of may is the day to rest after the flight, to move in and meet the people, 23 day is for packing and moving out.

The series is approximately 23 days in length,but all guests are welcome to come and go as needed for schedules. Families welcome to attend.

International translators will be on site and DVDs will be made throughout the entire seminar (last year we made a whopping 15+ DVDs!!).

This is an equal opportunity event. T schedule is flexible, based on student need and content flow. Swords,fencing, boxing, sambo, h2h, lower acrobatics,dance and song will all be covered.


The Event will take place at the Interuniversity Campus Gymnasium (see on Google maps). All the main trainings of the compulsory course will hold there. The sports center building could shelter up to 35 guests to live and more than 100 persons to train.

Every day we will have two training sessions: from 10am till 1pm and from 3pm till 6pm as a 6 hours mandatory course for the participants. An additional extra lessons from 3 to 8 hours in individual or free mode.

A few times a week we are planning to have a day or half for excursions, sightseeing, visiting places of interest, horse riding, banya (bathhouse), open air dancing and more. In addition it’s going to be a family camp at the weekend, most likely 7,8 and 21,22 of May.

Seminar contents

As listed above, Andrey and his team of instructors have a very broad range of knowledge to pass on. There is therefore no set training schedule available in advance. The schedule will be determined by the event attendees as participants last year found it was best last year to take a vote as a group. None of the classes are mandatory.

Main instructors:

  • Andrey Karimov – the theory of personality and family psychology, pugilism and fisticuff technique, musical instruments, the fight on the ground and wrestling, shashka, nagaika and whip, playing “Fathers and Sons”, dancing.
  • Yuri Sheshukov – trainigs with weapons (knife, stick, shashka, whip), performing “Fathers and Sons” play, and other social processes
  • Natalya Kopylova – sword twist for adults and children.
  • Fedor Tarabukin – male dance, “Fathers and Sons” performance.
  • Eugene Pechkin – singing, musical instruments, playing “Fathers and Sons”, paired dances.

Guests will receive instruction from Yuri Sheshukov,Andrey Karimov, Natasha Kopylova, Eugene Peshkin, and Fedor Terabukin with individual instruction and one on one training during downtime.


  • The basic fee is $25 for each day of training, no including without living costs. This price applies for prepayment before the 31st of March.
  • For bookings made on or after April 1st, the price per day of training will be $33.
  • Accommodation costs on-site dormitories are $15 per day. Dorms are co-ed, with four people to a room, but typically is divided by gender. Olivia says “I personally suggest living at the facility during the event, because you truly miss out on alot of the fun that we have during down time”.
  • Meals are not included. Everyone will be responsible for their own food and laundry (there are cafes and laundry facilities on site) and our There is a grocery store within walking distance and for the most part, we all prepare food as a group and share.
  • There will be entrance fees to touring trips like museums, boat rides, dinners etc…but again, nothing is mandatory!
  • This is an olympic training facility and it is secured with gates and guards so everyone generally will need to acquire a badge once you arrive. Olivia also advises bringing bathing suits, goggles, nose plugs, swim cap and ear plugs.


To get a visa to enter Russia, you need to get a letter of invitation first. Olivia and Jesse have shared this company’s details a few times on Facebook, so this is the one I’ll be trying first:


  1. Hi… I’ve been doing systema here in Sydney for about 3- 4 months. I heard about this course and see at as a means to get a good foundation. I have applied for leave from my work to come along, but now I see it is an instructors course. Do you think it suitable and would they have me along.


    1. I’ve just spoken to Olivia, who isn’t one of the organisers, but who is in touch with Andrey and who attended last year’s seminar. She assures me that everyone is welcome to attend, even with *no* systema experience.


  2. Ok this sounds good. I have obtained leave form work? Is the link above the best way to get an invitation to get a visa? And how do I go about paying? So I can pay before April. I am also interested in the accommodation, but I see there is only 4 places left. I am going to try and get in touch with Andrey. Is this the best way? And there is English translation there right?


    1. Glad to hear about your leave – I’m still waiting to hear if I’ve got mine [gulp!]

      The visa link is what Olivia and Jessie have been recommending; I haven’t tried it myself, because last time I was in Russia I was on a work visa – but it’s also what I will be trying once my leave is confirmed.

      I haven’t been sent any bank details; rather than contacting Andrey (who doesn’t speak English) you need to talk to Jaroslaw Repin. I have no contact details for him other than that Facebook page. Alternatively, you could leave a comment on the event’s main FB page. Jaroslaw can be quite slow in responding, so be warned. Let me know if time becomes an issue, and I’ll see what cages I can rattle (it’s also an issue for me…)


      1. Oh, and re: translation… I certainly hope so!

        By the way, where did you see that there are only 4 places left? I’m not sure yet whether I’ve got a place 😦


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