A change of plan

With a great sense of disappointment, I decided last weekend not to attend Andrey Karimov’s seminar in May. The reasons are very specifically personal, but since people have been reading about the seminar via this blog, I felt I should mention it.

Basically, the situation is this: here in China, I essentially work on a freelance basis. If I don’t work for a week, I have essentially zero income for that week. Also, like most freelancers, my income is not steady-stream; it ebbs and flows. I need to store up money in fat months to make sure the lean months are not too lean.

In terms of outgoings, going to St. Petersburg would have been a hefty hit (given that I earn RMB, the exchange rate means it’s around 10 times more expensive for me than for people who earn pounds or Euros), but it was affordable. More than that, it was going to be an opportunity to catch up with my friends from the 15 months when I was working there. However, it became clear that there’s going to be a lot of work available in May; passing it all up would mean passing up a goodly-sized amount of income that I would miss, later in the year.

So, with great regret, I’ve let Andrey know that I’m not going. It’s not the end of the world; there will be other opportunities to train with him (of which more, in another post), and I’ll try to get to Russia again, when things are quieter here in China.

Image credit: chinese currency 1 yuan by user Jimmie on Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.


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