A Cossack media site in the Donbass

Fort Russ recently published an interesting piece: Cossack Media Group on the Frontline of Donbass Journalism.

You can follow the link to read all about it, but it seems to be a move to raise the profile of the Cossack groups fighting in the Donbass, particularly in the Lugansk People’s Republic. As I’ve always said, I don’t always share all- or sometimes any – of the the values of the neo-Cossack groups; it usually depends on the particular group. They say they’re operating a radio station, a newspaper, and a YouTube-based TV news channel, although their English-language website isn’t much help at the moment (though it occurs to me as I write this that maybe I should try a different browser).

The project seems to be run by ‘Continent Russia’, whose web site does work, and carried some new stories in English. Continent Russia claim to be academics based in Southern Russia.

It’ll be interesting to see how this project develops.

In separate news, the Saker mentions in an article on the current rise in violence in eastern Ukraine that:

Members of the Russian Duma have publicly declared that they are fed up with Kiev and that if the Ukronazis attack the Voentorg and Northern Wind spigot will be fully opened. At least one source reported that a large number of Cossacks had already crossed the border and were deployed inside the DNR/LNR.

Just a reminder that the neo-Cossack revival doesn’t just include cultural groups, it includes frontline combat groups as well.

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