Singing and Dancing are good training…

Singing and dancing as part of the Cossack system aren’t just good physical exercise, cultural enrichment, and community-building. They’re seriously good for your health as well.

This is a story from the Transition Network about one group’s observed benefits from singing: Can Singing Change Your Life? It’s anecdotal, but it gives links to more serious scientific research showing benefits of singing. (Research into singing on the NHS evidence database)

In addition, it seems that dancing can reverse ageing in the brain. And much more as well: research on dance at the NHS evidence database.

The great thing about the Cossack system is that it integrates all of this with the martial aspects. They’re all one thing, inseparable.

Image credit: Cossacks at the Fringe Festival Canberra by user David Burke on Flickr. Used unchanged under a Creative Commons license.

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